So the question is why wide plank flooring? What makes wide plank flooring so special and desirable? Really, obviously, everything’s a personal preference, but if you have an option to do a wide plank, or you’re going to do a hardwood floor, you really got two options. You’ve got strip floors, which are popular, less expensive. You see them a lot in spec houses. It’s contractor grade. And then there’s the wide plank floor.

So what are the reasons? There’s several reasons. It’s a beautiful, traditional look. Well, think about the name, wide plank. When you look at this floor, you see each individual piece of character within the floor. There’s just something very impressive about looking at the large, wide planks on your floor. Feels durable, it feels forever, and there’s just no arguing the natural beauty of it.

If you think about it, let’s just think about the cost for a minute. They’re obviously more expensive than a stripe floor, or everybody would have them. But think about the actual installed price of the floor. People say, “Oh, wide plank floor. That’s too expensive for me. I can buy strip floor for $3 a square foot, and the wide plank floor starts at twice that.” Well, that’s true, but that floor installed is not twice as expensive because the strip floor still needs to be installed, and it still needs to be finished. That could be $5, $6 a square foot by the time you get that done. So if you really look and say, “Hey, I could buy strip for $3,” well, you still have to install it for $6. So that’s a $9 floor, and you got a strip floor.

Or you could get something like this, and the actual finished price on that may be $12, $13 a square foot. It is more expensive, but maybe 20% or 30% more, not 50% more once it’s installed.