Modern Farmhouse Tables

People have asked me about this white Oak farm tables that we did. And it was interesting a while back, my wife says to me, we had kind of a, a little bit of a gaudy, dining room table, but she said to me, you make these beautiful floors out of this white Oak. Could you make me a farm table.¬† She wanted¬† it to be about eight foot long, a little over three foot wide. And I wanted to have a real beautiful country look, but I want it to be solid. So the Vonderosa crew and I got together and we just decided, so we, we made this solid Oak farm table. Although it’s not an incredibly elaborate design, it’s built solid with beautiful White Oak.

If you look at the table, it’s got the Vonderosa white live saw character grade that is doubled up making it an inch and a half thick. And then on the, the frame, we’ve got four by four secured with two by two cross members. Everybody loves it. We get so many comments on it all the time.

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