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Vonderosa Black Oak Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Vonderosa Black, NH Wide Plank Flooring, Best
A Character Rich, One of a Kind Floor
That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else
Vonderosa Black Wide Plank Flooring

Vonderosa Black Oak wide plank flooring is our premium product when you want the look of authentic reclaimed New England hardwood.

Black Oak is a beautiful, durable wood, with exceptional natural character. Vonderosa has developed special technology which allows us to fill and stabilize voids, resulting in the wide width, long board look – which is the hallmark of a fine floor.

We work closely with mills and loggers to procure black oak logs. In the Northeast when a mill runs red oak lumber, there is a small amount of black oak in the run. That is because red oak family consists of four subspecies. Black Oak is a subspecies of the Red Oak Family. The Black Oak log produce the finest character grade flooring.

As far as we know, no one else in the industry takes the time and energy to work with mills to specifically separate the black oak logs for our production.

Vonderosa Black is reminiscent of the look of a floor that is resawn from 200 year old beams that might have been part of the many numbers of barns and mill buildings that are scattered around New England.

Vonderosa Black Oak Wide Plank Flooring will add a truly reclaimed look to any room in your home.

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Black Oak Trees have the most character due to natural growth defects (this tree has a hard time in the woods). Sought after defects (character) include: .

  • Mixed Grain (accents of Quarter Sawn)
  • Wormholes
  • Various stains (wonderful color variation)
  • Creamy yellow color (versus Red Oak)
  • Tight spike knots
Vonderosa Black Oak Wide Plank Flooring
We end paint our saw logs to minimize end checking.
Black Oak Wood Flooring