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Red Oak Wide Plank Flooring

Vonderosa uses only Northern Red Oak slow grown in New Hampshire! Prized for floor planks and arguably one of the most sustainable species we have.

Red Oak is the standard for hardness (durability) when it comes to flooring, at the higher end of the Janka Hardness scale (see hardness on FAQs page) compared to other domestic species.

All of the Oaks are less dimensionally stable than most domestic hardwoods. That is they tend to expand and contract more with moisture change.

At Vonderosa Wide Plan Flooring, we make every effort to control this so that it will not cause issues for the floor we craft for you.

From choosing the proper saw log, maintaining the proper seasoning process to “set” the wood, sawing method, selecting the milling method, to handling and final acclimation in your home – Vonderosa Wide Plank Flooring does it all!

We are the only manufacture of wide plank flooring that we know of that will actually properly sticker the floor in your home at delivery. (see acclimation and stickering on FAQs page)

Vonderosa Wide Plank Flooring offers five Red Oak Wide Plank Wood Flooring options:

– Flat sawn clear
– Quarter sawn clear
– Flat sawn character
– Quarter sawn character
– Reclaimed timbers

Red Oak Wide Plank Wood Floors typically run from 4 inch to 10 inch wide.

We recommend a random pattern of widths within the floor.

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Red Oak Wide Plank Flooring, NH