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Cherry Wide Plank Flooring

The Rustic Charm of this Floor Provides a Solid Foundation in a Traditional Home Design.
Cherry Wide Plank Flooring Vonderosa, NH

New Hampshire grown American Black Cherry is all we use to craft your floor. Why? Because this wood produces the finest cherry flooring available.

This cherry is prized for several reasons. The tight grain is known for its wavy, curly patterns accenting wonderful hues that become richer in color over time, making the floor more desirable as it ages.

Plus, Vonderosa’s cherry sands extremely well for a lustrous finish. It stains very easily if a darker finish is preferred.

When a classy country look is the goal, American Black Cherry is definitely a great option.

By blending just the right amount of the lighter color sap wood with the rich auburn color of the Heart wood, and blending in some naturally occurring growth accents such as pitch spots and tight knots.

Vonderosa produces a character grade cherry floor with the inviting warm look you will be proud to have in your home.

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